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How To Keep Your Receipts Organized Year Round

It’s that time again- TAX SEASON -oh how I loath thee! Often, the most frustrating part of preparing for our taxes was searching for all those pesky receipts- creating more stress on me then needed to be. financesEvery April I would go on an egg hunt of my own tracking down every receipt over the past year. I got tired of spending countless hours digging up every receipt. I would find wadded up receipts in random places like my husband’s pants pockets, the center console of the truck, the nightstand, or on the shelf in the closet! I tried all sorts of tactics to keep our receipts in one location. I even went as far as bolting – yes bolting – a shoebox in my husband’s truck, when that didn’t work, I decided I needed to attack this in a different way.

After watching his routine for several weeks, I came up with a solution to gather his receipts after a long day. My husband would religiously stop at our command center everyday to drop his keys, change and have a look at the mail. It hit me! I needed to add a receipt organizer to our command center.
And just like that I no longer needed to search for those pesky receipts, they were now easy to find in our organizer. So, what is in the organizer?

It has five pockets; one for each month of the quarter and mail. Each pocket has a clear vinyl envelope with the month noted on the top corner. The organizer is kept in the command center off our garage; everything from our family calendar to our keys are kept in this centrally located area.
When the quarter is over, the contents of the envelopes get moved to a secure top sheet protector with the month noted on the top corner. The sheet protectors are then placed in a heavy duty three-ringed binder behind the correlating month tab.

THE BINDER is a whole ‘notha beast. But that’s for another time.

Creating a quick and easy way of keeping track of your receipts can be a daunting task. The key is that you find a method that is easy to start and easy to maintain. Hopefully this method will help you throughout the year keep track of those pesky receipts.

financesWhat do you need:

  • Hang up organizer
  • Clear vinyl envelopes
  • Secure top sheet protectors
  • Heavy duty three-ringed binder
  • Divider tabs





Do you have a handy and practical way that you organize your receipts?  Share with us in the comments!

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