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A Place for Everything… {Favorite Things Friday}

… and everything in it’s place.

If there’s one thing that makes me happy, it’s a beautifully organized drawer, or closet, or garage, or… everything.

With 3 small kiddos, I feel like it’s a necessity to have systems for all the things.  Here are a few of my favorite ways of keeping our family sane, organized and not yelling at each other when we get to the restaurant parking lot and realize that our 2-year old has no shoes on.

These hanging cups:
Find them on the web link, or I found mine at Ikea.  When kids are big enough to get their own water, these are a lifesaver.  Fill, drink, hang.  Dishwasher every so often. Done.

2016-05-16 08.06.11

Mudroom essential: Hooks for backpacks & jackets.
I got these at World Market, but you can find hooks to suit your style almost anywhere.

2016-05-16 08.08.04
2016-05-16 08.08.31

Playroom/Kid room baskets & containers
Okay, so if I could put one thing on the very top top of my list, it would be baskets. 🙂
These are from the Dollar Tree –  my favorite place to find organizational stuff for toys. $1, tie on some chalkboards and voila! Dollar stores also make it easy to change your style and colors easily and on the cheap.

2016-05-17 08.50.58

These (below) are from Target.  Again, can’t pass up baskets and bins… and with labels too? Yes.  Anything to organize my cute-little-kiddie-life.

2016-05-17 08.51.40

Craft organization
I have a mess of crafts.  And again, I’m cheap.  So empty pickle jars are my favorite thing for storing craft supplies. I use pegboard for the area above my desk – buckets are from the Target dollar aisle.

2016-05-17 09.24.18 2016-05-17 09.24.04

So there’s the glimpse into the trying-to-stay-organized life at our house.   I love being able to pick up an item, know where it belongs, and put it there.  Favorite!

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