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Favorite Things Friday: Generations of Bread-making

I come from a family of bread makers, and that is my favorite thing this Friday.

breadThis season brought new challenges to our family by way of an intense work schedule, so finding a favorite thing seemed even more challenging. I love the holidays! I love the lights, the excitement, the unending hot cocoa. But right now, I’m in survival mode, and survival requires focus on only the necessities.

However, this morning I began the process of making my homemade bread, and it brought me great joy. It occurred to me that this is one of my favorite things.

The homemade bread I make is from a starter that has survived at least three generations of women in our family. My grandmother gave part of the starter to my mother, and my mother gave me part of hers. Not only does the warm, soft interior and crisp, buttery exterior of a hot loaf fill me with warmth, so does the thought that I am kneading a bread that shares the roots of our family tree.

Of course, it’s not the bread that is my favorite, though it is delicious. It’s the connection to the other strong women in my family.


 I imagine them, in the chaos of life, pausing for step number one, or two, or three – putting aside all else for just a moment to invest in something that takes time, a wise investment. Something about standing in similar shoes gives me hope and quiet endurance.  In an odd way, it reminds me that I can make it through this tough season, and something delicious may just come of it.

Are you, like me, in survival mode? What connects you to family or loved ones this season? What gives you comfort or joy in chaos? It is worth the moment to dwell on that one thing… if only for a moment.

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