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Favorite Things Friday : One on One Time

As a parent of more than one child, we know that spending one on one time with our children is important. All kids enjoy this special time, but to some kids, it means everything!

I enjoy many hours of one on one time with my oldest, usually in the car on the way to soccer practices, games and the occasional weekend away together when the whole family is unable to make a tournament. We have plenty of good talks in the car about her interests, the Bible and life in general.  With my youngest, he is happy to take a few minutes in my lap for hugs and kisses off and on throughout the day.  And there are also the, “Mommy, can you play with me?” moments daily.  These times in the house with the rest of the family, but still somehow just the two of us, seem to satisfy his need for one on one time.

However, my middle child craves one on one time!  I have to be aware that she needs my undivided attention on a daily basis.  I have been trying to not only make time to spend focusing on her at home, but to create special one on one time for us together doing things outside of the house.  She thrives on these times and they are one of my favorite things in this season of her life.

spending one on one time with kids

In these pictures, we are taking time together to run at the track, taking a few minutes to go on a ride alone while on vacation, spending time running and playing on the trails at Tyler State Park, and studying flowers at the Tyler Rose Garden for her homeschool science lesson. She is not particular about what we do together, as long as it is just the two of us!  During these times, she talks to me more than she ever does when her siblings are around and I love to hear all of the wonderful things going on in her sweet and creative mind.

I would love to hear ideas of how you spend one on one time with your children.  Let me know in the comments.



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