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Well, it happened! Another year came and went. Lately, I have been running around with a certain Pat Benatar song stuck in my head. I know this sounds completely random, but it is true. I took the liberty of changing one of the words in the title. Instead of “Love is a Battlefield,” I have been singing “Life is a Battlefield.” I feel like some days, life is easy-going and lovely and then other days, I am dodging bullets left and right. This probably sounds a little overdramatic, but hey, I guess that is what keeps things interesting.

“Since U Been Gone”

About 5 years ago, I quit Facebook. It brought peace to my life and gave me some comfort about still being able to control what people were able to see about me. I realize how control freaky this sounds, which I assure you is really not part of my personality at all. I think that it taught me that life isn’t what is happening when people can see it in your posts, but it is what is happening the rest of the time that matters.

Last summer I rejoined the world of Facebook. To my surprise, it feels more like a business plug for everyone who may have a side hustle, which I think is great. Twice now, I have decided to post something a little personal on there and twice now I have ended up deleting whatever it was that I posted. I think the platform has changed and for that reason I am thankful. Life is scary enough already without people knowing every detail about what you and your kids did last weekend.

“Tough Little Boys” 

Another funny thing about life, is that it is always changing. In September, I learned that baby #3 will be making his/her way into this world in early June. I can remember being pregnant with our second son and worrying if I would be able to find a balance between two kids. I remember worrying that our oldest would feel less important or less loved. I would lose sleep at night thinking that there wouldn’t be enough of me to go around.

Maybe some of the hardest battles are the ones we create in our own minds. My kids thrive off of each other. They are brothers and they are proud to tell anyone who doesn’t know. Yes, they do fight and argue, but they are both loving. The other day, I caught my youngest son talking to my belly in public and it gave me joy. I have decided to worry a little less about balance. The truth is that balance is overrated. I am going to work a little more on just being whatever it is that my children need at the moment they need it.


Do you have songs that seem to work with your current life theme? I would love to hear about them!

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