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Leaving East Texas

We’re leaving East Texas.  We’re moving.  There’s that.

For the last 12 years (almost exactly), our family has called East Texas home.  My husband and I both grew up in the DFW area, and always called that home, but Tyler has become a dear place to us.

We’ve lived in 3 different houses here.
We’ve had 3 kids here!
I’ve had a full-time job, a part-time job, a freelance job and lots of volunteer “jobs” here.
We’ve celebrated a lot of firsts here: first move-to-a-new-city as a married couple, first home, first lightning-strike of our first home on our first day in the home (!), baby’s first steps x 3, first mini-van…

Now, we’ll be loading up and heading back to our old stomping grounds, leaving Tyler for the promised land of Fort Worth. (insert husband’s growing excitement here… we will be close to Kincaid’s hamburgers once more. And Del Frisco’s.  And Pei Wei.)

The place where you live when your kids are first born is a unique place; it’s a place that you always hold dear in your heart, because nothing can ever replace the memory of bringing your kid home from the hospital in that little carseat. But we’re lucky to be moving when our kids are still young – we look forward to landing in a place where our kids will build huge memories with new friends, where they’ll become teenagers and “find themselves” and have wild slumber parties, and slam doors and learn to drive, and certainly not date.

So, leaving East Texas means a lot for us.  
It means:

– Trying to pack a house while also keeping it clean to sell (all with a 9, 6 and 3-year old existing in the house).
– Our 3-year old is having a blast with extra video time because mommy is packing. Oops.
– Saying goodbye to all the things we love about East Texas: the warm people, the smaller-town feel, the friends, school, church, awesome cul-de-sac neighborhood…
– Leaving camp life (where my husband worked), and trading a life of tshirts and cargo shorts for “grown up” clothes and lifestyle (It was time.)
– We’ll have to grow out of being wow-ed by every new restaurant. “Yay! Tyler got a La Madeleine!”
– We’ll have a new adventure awaiting us! New friends, new schools, new routines.  New ways to get lost driving. (me)
– Our daughter’s hopes of being “Queen of Tyler” may have to be adjusted.
– No more Stanley’s BBQ. (but… Kincaid’s)
– One word: grandparents.  15 minutes down the road. Yes.

It means doing something together as a family that we’ve never done before.  We came here, just the two of us, on a new adventure, and we’re leaving as a family of 5, ready for what lies ahead, sad to leave our “home,” and thankful for the 12 years of memories we’ve had in this wonderful place.

Thank you, East Texas. You’ve been good to us.  You’ll always be our “first” as a family. 

But leaving East Texas also means we won’t have to clean radioactive-neon-green-slime-pollen off of our cars every March 15th.  So there’s that.

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One Response to Leaving East Texas

  1. Meredith
    Meredith May 23, 2017 at 2:28 pm #

    Darcie, you are going to be so missed! At the same time, I am so excited for you and the exciting new adventures that lie ahead with this move!

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