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Fall Fashion for Our Warm, Southern Temperatures

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion for Southern Temps

Fall is here and we are so excited about cozy sweaters, hoodies and tall boots, but let’s face it…this is East Texas and the weather is still mostly too warm for all of those things.  So what’s a southern mom to wear?  We want to be done with summer clothes, but we don’t want to sweat either!  Here are a few tips to try for an updated fall wardrobe that’s comfortable for our temps.

Ankle Boots (save those tall boots for another month or so) and Aztec Prints

Short Boots

Ankle Boots for Fall

Layers – Try lacy layers, or a sleeveless sweater over a sleeveless top.  And Fringe is still in!

Lacy Layers

Lacy Layers for Fall

Fall Layers

Sleeveless Sweater Layer

Team Spirit – Find a vintage t-shirt showing your favorite team for game time.

Team Shirt

Vintage T-Shirt

Cropped Jeans, Converse and Fall Colors


Cropped Jeans and Converse

Accessories – Don’t forget to add jewelry and a bag!

Fall Jewelry

Serape Bracelet, Feathers and Arrows

Sandals – Still a cute option with your cropped jeans!

Please leave us a comment with your Fall Fashion Must Haves.  And now that you are all dressed up for fall, check out our blog on 45 Things to Do in East Texas in the Fall.

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2 Responses to Fall Fashion for Our Warm, Southern Temperatures

  1. Alli October 20, 2016 at 3:25 pm #

    WoW!! Where do you find all those cute clothes? Are some of the pieces vintage? You have such a sense of style. Do you ever help people with styling?

    • lisastevens
      lisastevens October 20, 2016 at 3:42 pm #

      Some are vintage, some are from Altar’d State and some from small boutiques.
      I love to help anyone who wants to ask me! ?

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