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Choosing Greatness #DrugFreeBestMe | East Texas Moms Blog

While this post was created in partnership with Texas HHS, the opinions and ideas are my own.

drug free texas“MOM, I’m bored!”

We are almost to that point in the summer break where these words will start to flow.

It never fails.

I’d venture to say that at some point, whether there is routine, a plan and even lots to do, kids seem to get bored. While we want to believe that this isn’t really a place to think there would be problems or where problems would arise, sadly there are statistics that say something different. Trends have shown that some teens are choosing drug use over activities that will help them achieve greatness when they get bored during summer vacation.  

drug free texasAs kids get older, the things they are engaged in will matter more and more. When they are younger, we work to instill the basic disciplines and basic skills. We provide playdates, schedules and all the plans. Our kids go where we go and do what we want them to do. But as they become more and more independent, we begin to allow them more freedom to decide what they want to be involved in. While we hope they make ALL THE RIGHT choices, there are temptations and outside persuasions that our kids will battle. As parents, we can’t make all the decisions for them, but there are some things we can put into place that help and guide our kids to make decisions that will encourage, inspire and empower them to choose what’s best for them.

As parents of a teenage daughter, my husband and I are working hard to guide our teen to find her place and move in the direction of being great. Here are several of our tips and ideas that we believe will be the most beneficial in helping our teen stay away from drug misuse.

  • drug free texasMake & know the plans each week
  • Help your child explore their passion
  • Set specific daily chores
  • Read more books and/or research something of interest
  • Check devices regularly
  • Know who your teen is communicating with
  • Find camps or organized summer activities
  • Spend quality time as a family
  • Get your teenager plugged into a youth group
  • Sit down at the dinner table together
  • Exercise (together is awesome)
  • Serve in the community
  • Go on parent/child dates
  • Set goals & expectations
  • Show interest in their passion (even when it’s not your passion)
  • Pair them with a mentor you and your child can trust

drug free Texas

There are so many great resources at the Drug Free Texas website. Take some time to visit AND share with us other ways that you think are beneficial for our teens today as they work to achieve greatness and stay Drug Free in Texas!

Use the hashtag #drugfreebestme to show us activities you’ve chosen with your kids this summer to encourage and inspire to greatness!

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drug free Texas
drug free Texas

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  1. katherinesmith
    katherinesmith July 31, 2018 at 8:42 am #

    I’m nodding in agreement to every word here (mom bun is about to fly off!). In this world of isolation, technology and division – we desperately need community, campfire stories and connection.

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