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Decluttering Books (With Less Guilt) | East Texas Moms Blog

Why is it so hard to let go of books?

The influencers, like sirens, beckon me with promises of less chores and less chaos if I could adapt to their minimalist ways. 

Goodbye useless happy meal toys. Good riddance to you, broken tchotchke that I have no real intention to fix. Expired medicines – gone. As a result, I have an empty medicine cabinet.

I even donated the stacks of coffee cups crowding the cupboard when I realized I did only alternate between my favorite few.

All of that was easy. And little by little, freeing. I was ready to Konmari all over the house.

But with my favorite mug — I sat down to another chapter to find Miss Kondo asking me to pull every book to the living room floor and deem whether it stays or goes. 

While on the floor I sat surrounded by adventure. An invitation to Gatsby’s, a closet to Narnia, a raft docked on the Mississippi are all at my fingertips.

A very hungry caterpillar has found its way to my toddler’s room. And Harry Potter waits to teach my oldest son about Quidditch after soccer practice.

How could I possibly let that go or suggest you do the same?

I certainly wouldn’t suggest you let them all go.

Save the classics you love. Keep the small stack you have earnest plans to read. Especially hold on to an assortment for the children. 

If you find yourself on the fence with some, set up a book rotation. Rather than keeping an overabundance at hand, tuck a box away in the closet. Switch them out when the current reading gets monotonous. This should ease you into seeing how maybe less is more without the fear of de-cluttering regret.

Now that you’ve separated the cream of the crop, here are some ideas for what to do with the rest.

Let your local library be your storage space.

Donate to your local public library. Check out books, enjoy them and return them! As a result, this will keep their shelves stocked and yours from overflowing.

Help supply your school’s library.

We know teachers pay out of their own pockets often to better their classrooms. Many are cultivating classroom libraries. A few age-appropriate books sent their way results in few more options for kids to delve into while also lessening the burden on our educators.

Stock your nearest Little Free Library.

Little Free Library is a nonprofit program that makes books easily accessible. At many parks you may have seen these adorable little structures – like over sized bird houses. They’re meant to house books and sometimes they’re nearly bare! Add to it. Through these tiny buildings, readers exchange millions of books every year. To find a little free library near you visit their map.

Donating books in these few ways makes me believe they’ll still be enjoyed. They’ll benefit the community rather than end up collecting dust on a thrift store shelf. Therefore I have less guilt about letting them go. And it’s a few less books for me to re-stack or straighten time and again.

That’s a feel-good, decluttering win.

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  1. K Kyles July 6, 2018 at 7:31 am #

    Loved this. Some helpful things brought up. I’m a big supporter of My Little Library so I was thrilled to see it mentioned.

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