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I have a love hate relationship with it. On the one hand, I love how it makes the bedrooms cozy and keeps my feet from getting cold.  On the other, it feels like it always needs to be vacuumed and cleaned. 

Brody's Dry Carpet Cleaning

Top (Before Cleaning), Bottom (After Cleaning)

We are a house of kids and shoes and a dog and we truly live in our home.  We keep a clean house, but when you have traffic on your carpet (and a dog who can’t seem to remember that going potty is an outside ONLY thing), it takes a beating.  I love the lines in the carpet and I can safely say that my house can feel like it’s a “hotmess”, but pull out the vacuum and make lines in the carpet and I feel like a new woman!

It was time for a good deep carpet cleaning as we came out of the summer. I am a work from home mom, so we were home most days during the summer which means the house (and carpet) don’t stay clean long. Once school started I was extremely motivated to mark some cleaning goals off my list.  I knew right away that I would be calling Brody’s Dry Professional Carpet Cleaning to tackle my 3 bedrooms, playroom, catwalk and EVEN our sectional sofa (remember we have a dog and kids, our stuff is lived on!). 

This was our 2nd time to have them in our home for our carpets and we were VERY pleased the first go round. Our carpets were fairly new when we moved in, but I knew some maintenance was needed. My biggest hangup with carpet cleaning is the amount of time you have to wait after it’s cleaned for it to dry. Not the case with Brody’s DRY Professional Carpet Cleaning. What I think I loved the most is that my home was ready to go, ready to have the things moved back in place within a quick amount of time. To make matters even easier for this busy work from home mom, Blake was very good about getting back to me to schedule our appointment and was willing to work within my busy schedule. He was polite, attentive to my questions and needs in our home and was patient with me as I asked ALL THE QUESTIONS about what they would doing on cleaning day. We were thrilled that Brody’s was able to, not only attend to our carpets, but also to our sofa.  Blake was very honest with me about our sofa and what would be a struggle to remove and what would come out easily. To my excitement it looked AMAZING when they were finished and it was ready to sit on within the hour! As I mentioned before, the ease and quickness of this Dry carpet cleaning was easily the BEST part.  And did I mention their prices are very reasonable. 

Take some time to call and get a quote from them. You can give Blake a quick call at 903.571.0663.

Brody's Dry Carpet CleaningLet’s talk DRY CARPET details and why it’s better…


    Their Dry, organic cleaning method is EPP Approved, USDA Certified, Wool Safe and Green Seal Bio-Preferred!


    People are discovering every day that they don’t have to live around their wet carpets.  No dry time!


    They recommend a yearly cleaning of your carpet unless you have a busy household.  They have maintenance plans to increase longevity.


    With over 200 billion square feet of carpet in the U.S., cleaning all of it just once with their method would save 9.7 Million gallons of water!

Here are just a few other reasons why we LOVED having Brody’s Dry Professional Carpet Cleaning for our needs…

Family Owned & Operated

We are a local family owned service business dedicated to providing the highest customer service and quality carpet cleaning experience.

Local Business 

Father and Son team Jon and Blake Brody are local business owners and are fully supportive of the East Texas community.

Pet Friendly

No need to keep your pets off your carpets after we leave. Carpets are dry and chemical free!  It’s the reason why your pets love Brody’s!

While this is a Sponsored Post, the opinions are truly my own!

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