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Our Christmas Tradition | East Texas Moms Blog

AdventIn our home, we have only one holiday tradition and that is an Advent Calendar.  People do these differently and I tend to switch mine up a little each year.  As a general rule though, all of the activities are a mix of fun Christmas themed activities, acts of service, and bible based lessons. 

Our calendar is a piece of brown ribbon that we pin to the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. We then hang felt stockings on the ribbon with clothes pins that have an activity for the day on the back. Beginning December 1 through December 25, each of my kids get to take turns picking the stocking of the day.  

When it comes to choosing the activities, I plan out all of the activities the last week of November and plan them so that they fit with our schedule for December. So the days that we have a packed schedule we will do a really quick activity, and the days that we have no evening obligations we will do more time consuming activities.  Pinterest is a great resource for ideas!

AdventOur Advent Calendar is something that our kids look forward to every year. As my kids gotten older, I have begun to tailor the activities so that they’re more age appropriate. I have kids with a 7 year age range between the oldest and the youngest, so there are days where my oldest just has to be okay with doing a “kiddie” activity. Regardless, I feel like this is a way to keep my kids grounded in the true meaning of Christmas while having fun at the same time.

We’ve gone through a bit of a life change by moving away from our Mississippi friends and family, so this year we’re going to bring our new friends that don’t have family nearby in on some of our activities.

I’d love to hear your Christmas traditions! Do you do an Advent Calendar with your kids as well?

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