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Christmas From Scratch


             cocoaChristmas Traditions. 

But what if you weren’t really raised with Christmas Traditions and suddenly you’re an adult and creating your own….from scratch?

Neither my husband nor I were raised with any strong Christmas Traditions and when we were first married, it was just a simple thing and we didn’t make a big deal of it. We had our first child and she was terrified of Santa, so we didn’t do Santa and then last year, I bought an Elf On The Shelf and she freaked out and told me to send it back to the North Pole. Ha! #fail 

A couple years ago, we started the tradition of going to a Christmas Light Park with my family and it’s something we all look forward to. Last year, our oldest was 3 and the baby was weeks old, so this year is going to be so fun, as they are both so excited about all things Christmas! 

We also have gone to the Canton Christmas Parade for the last 4 yeparadears and this year was so much fun. It’s the simple things really. Silly hats. Light sabers and freezing together. 

This year we added in riding in the Mineola Christmas Parade on a float and that was so much fun too!

We don’t really have a Real Tree/Fake Tree Tradition or preference yet. Right now, we are just using the fake tree we’ve had for a while, but I obsessively use the Pine Scented wax cubes in my wax burners because I love the smell. I love to decorate, but this year with a super busy 14 month old and a 4 year old that wants to do everything herself, they pretty much decorated the tree. One day I’d love a themed tree, but for now it’s packed with handmade ornaments or huge bulky ones that they love and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

                                 tree-craft“From Scratch”

This Christmas has probably been the tightest financially because of a never ending flood of medical bills and expenses from this past year, but with some budgeting and creativity, it’s really been the best one yet.  Hobby Lobby has all of their Christmas Crafts on sale 50% off and I stocked up a few weeks ago on Christmas SunCatchers, tons of homemade ornament kits and more. We do Christmas Crafts in front of the tree every single day. 

Meri Claire, our 4 year old, wanted a tree in her room last year, but we didn’t get around to it.  This mctreeyear she got to pick out her very own tree and all of the decorations for it. She is in dance and loves it and settled on a ballerina themed tree. I think I love it as much or more than she does. It’s so precious. Again, we got everything 50% off and then a dear friend crocheted ballet slipper ornaments for the tree. For real. Adorbs. 


sttreeAnd then you’ve got Mr. Destructive, our 14 month old, who’s greatest joy in life comes from making messes, so the idea to give him a tree in his room was not really entertained for longer than half a second. However, the sweet boy loves Christmas more than any other toddling one year old I know. For real, he just loves it all so much and lights are especially his favorite, so I grabbed a string of lights and a snowflake that I found at the Dollar Tree and wrapped some lights around his bedside table in his room and that sweet boy really just couldn’t be more happy. 


Being in Parents Day Out this year, Meri has heard all about THE Elf and she came home about 2 weeks ago asking if Santa would please send that Elf back that she didn’t like last year. We wrote a letter to Santa and the next day, her very own Elf named Rosie appeared. You guypajama-days, I wasn’t even raised believing in Santa Clause and my girl asks 4 million questions about everything, so I have to keep my stories straight, but Rosie is legit, so much fun! I’m up all night because my little one doesn’t sleep, so after he plays with Rosie for a bit (of course sister has no idea) we have fun setting her up for the next day. 

This week coming up we have Meri’s Christmas Program at school, a play date at the Galleria to see all the holiday festivities, our annual Christmas Light Park Escapades, Gingerbread Houses to be made and lots more Christmas movies to see and songs to sing. 

I’m a photographer and it’s been the busiest year to date with Family Christmas photos, so this week actually wraps that up as all my photos should be edited and delivered in the next 48 hours. It’s been so much fun, but I’m so excited to dive in and soak up every single moment of Christmas for the next couple weeks. 

Our Christmas Traditions are just baby traditions that are just getting started and I’m sure we’ll add more as the kids grow, but every bit of this Christmas has been so special. It’s not about the money you spend, but about the time you spend with your family and the memories you make.img_2496

 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids to Celebrate Christmas that cost next to nothing: 

  1. Have them invite a friend or two over for a mid-day pajama party for a special viewing of a Christmas Movie. Have some popcorn and special treats ready! 
  2. Holiday Crafts are so much fun. Pinterest has tons of ideas. Just remember to keep it simple and it doesn’t have to be perfect. I loved the stuff we got from Hobby Lobby because it was  easy to do. 
  3.   Go to a Christmas Parade and if it’s in the budget, go out to dinner afterward or go back home and drink hot cocoa or make S’mores! 
  4. Drive through a subdivision to look at lights. I did this with both of my kids the other night because we needed to get out of the house a bit and it was so much fun and they were ready for bed when we got home!
  5. Put on a Christmas Play for  family members (dad, siblings, etc.) using the nativity set to tell the Christmas Story. 


Merry Christmas!

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