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RV Camping: Taking Family Time on the Road

Last November we decided to take the plunge and buy an RV.  We have LOVED it!!! So far we have spent 18 nights in our RV.  Plus we can’t forget the first night that we got it we “tried it out” and stayed in it in our drive way.  (I highly recommend this!  WE learned so much that night and we were so glad we were still at home to take care of things.) We have made so many great family memories camping.  I grew up tent camping with my family.  Those are some of the greatest memories I have from my childhood.  We have tent camped some and decided to buy an RV.  For our family it has been money well spent.  We currently have 2 boys, 9 and 4.  They love to RV camp.  As soon as we get to our destination, the bikes come out and the boys are gone.  Our 4 year old learned to ride without training wheels while we were camping one weekend.  I feel that my kids learn so much on these camping trips. My most favorite things about camping include…

  1. No technology
  2. Undivided family time
  3. Time to slow down/unplug
  4. Enjoying nature
  5. Walks/hiking
  6. Fishing
  7. Riding bikes
  8. Great conversations around the fire
  9. Coffee by the fire
  10. Friends and family

When we bought our RV, I thought we would travel all over and camp all the state and national parks and look just like the folks in all of the camping magazines.  However, our camping looks very different.  We have several camping places within an hour of our home.  We camp at these most often.  In fact, we camp maybe 15 minutes from our house most of the time.  This is great because friends and family can come out at any point and enjoy an evening by the fire with us.  We have loved having grandparents, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, friends…whoever come out and enjoy the camping life.  It may be corny, but I feel like it’s good for the soul! 

If your fall ( or any season really) allows, I suggest you find a weekend to camp with your family.  You just might love it and learn a thing or 2 about yourself and your family!  

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