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Childhood Memories from the Car

I am so blessed.  When I  think back on my childhood, I am flooded with great memories!  Me, my mom, my dad and my big sister.  Camping, vacations, Six Flags, Rangers games, t-ball, volleyball, basketball, church, camps…so much fun!  

I’m sure my parents spent countless amounts of money on vacations and camps. We went to Disney World, Branson, Snow Skiing and lots of sports camps and church camps, but my favorite memories are in the car:0)  As a Momma now, I still love the time in the car.  Everyone’s undivided attention…a captive audience.  

With my Momma 

My favorite memories are with her in the car on the way to school each morning.  When I was in high school my mom worked at the high school.  We had a Shout to the Lord worship CD that we listened to everyday.  She also prayed for me or with me.  These memories bring about such emotion.  She was teaching me so much in those tender moments each morning before school.  How to be a mom, a daughter, a friend and most importantly how to rely on Christ.  I was (and still am) a worrier.  She taught me to lay it at the feet of the cross.  

With my Daddy 

My favorite memories with my Dad are from a very young age.  He drove a wrecker and would bring it home each night.  My sister and I LOVED to go out on a wrecker call with Dad.  I can remember singing “Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On”.  (I may have just aged myself;)  And he would always buy me a Dr. Pepper and Chili Cheese Fritos for the ride.  We would sing, dance, snack and sometimes turn on the flashing lights.  He was so intentional to take us along even though it was work.  I loved that alone time with my Daddy.  

With my Sister

My big sister had her moments like they all do:) But we had the best time in her little red truck.  We loved going to the gas station for a Pepsi.  She is wonderful!  Her humor is great.  I often times find myself laughing at her and she doesn’t even know she is funny.  This one time we had just gotten our afternoon Pepsi.  We were headed home.  She starts freaking out about her rear-view mirror shaking and making an awful noise.  She was afraid it was about to fall off.  Yall, it was the Pepsi bottles in the cup holders rattling.  I died!  She was so serious.  I was so tickled.  I love her.  She is great for laughs and laughs at herself as well.  

My favorite memory in the car with the 4 of us took place one Sunday afternoon.  My parents blindfolded my sister and I and told us to get in the floorboard.  (again…aging myself)  We went to Tyler and they surprised us and took us to play Putt Putt.  How fun is that!  I love surprises.  And I love family time.  

This should give us hope Mommas.  It really doesn’t matter the cost or perfection.  What matters is the family being together:)  


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