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Surviving Motherhood with Littles | East Texas Moms Blog

It’s 7:13 am.  I’ve been mostly awake for 2.5 hours, and here’s why: I’m a mom.  That short sentence has a whole lot behind it.  It means there’s cooking, cleaning, laundry, washing, changing diapers, helping find the other shoe for a child, training, more laundry, remembering that you needed to shower sometime this week, and then […]

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Things | East Texas Moms Blog

Things are just things. There are lots of pretty things. And fun things. There are sentimental things. Silly things. And there are “waste of space” things. Things can’t make you happy. Things don’t define you. They are not eternal. Things don’t equal love. Sometimes I have to remind myself of these facts. I have a […]

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Mommy’s Makeup Bag | East Texas Moms Blog

by ETMB contributors Katherine Smith and Amanda Kosmer.  Two caffeinated moms meet for the first time, have a light, breezy conversation about life, postpartum rage, seasonal solo parenting and social anxiety.  We opened up our hearts first and makeup bags second.   What is your makeup routine like now? Kat: When I was pregnant with Peanut, [...]
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good mom

How Can I Be a Good Mom? | East Texas Moms Blog

Naturally I want to be a good mom. I want to be fun and energetic, helping create memories we all enjoy. But throughout the day, I struggle with what a good mom means and wonder if I’m succeeding at all in my quest. I often catch myself thinking a good mom means my kids don’t ever […]

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