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ETMB’s Mom of the Month {The Grandneighbor} | East Texas Moms Blog

East Texas Moms Blog is taking some time in 2018 to shine the spotlight on some moms in our East Texas community. We hope these stories continue to shine a light so bright, that it brings us together and let’s us know we are not alone in this journey! This month is a unique look […]

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Five easy ways  to love your friend well.

Supporting your friend through a miscarriage | East Texas Moms Blog

The ringing phone reverberated through my quiet office. I reached across my desk lazily and picked up the receiver:  “Expectant Heart Pregnancy Resource Center, this is Mary K. How can I help you?” “Mary K., I…I lost the baby,” With those words my sweet client dissolved into tears on the other end of the phone.  […]

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Honoring Those We’ve Lost

This week marks Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, on October 15th, and October, as a month, is set aside to bring awareness as well.  There are many pregnancies that do not go to full-term.  We feel the loss of our babies, whether it’s marked on the calendar or not.  However, often, it can feel as […]

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Suicide Awareness and Prevention: Moms on the Frontline

It is the 10th leading cause of death in the nation, but 2nd among ages 10-34. (1) It steals more years of life than any other single cause except heart disease and cancer. (2) And its prevalence seems to be trending upward across the United States.(3) Suicide can impact anyone, of any race, any gender, […]

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Why Father’s Day is bittersweet.

Around this time of year, I always feel it. The overwhelming feeling of sadness, loss and missing my Dad. 6 years ago, it happened. Very sudden, unexpected and certainly life-changing. The call you don’t ever want to receive. And then…a few days after his death, here comes Father’s Day which remains bittersweet each year. I’m thankful […]

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The Aftermath of Mother’s Day

While most mom’s are still enjoying their lovely flowers or sipping coffee from the new mug they got for Mother’s Day, I am inevitably in a funk. The aftermath of Mother’s Day is something I’d like to say I can prepare myself for, but that is not entirely accurate. I am a bereaving mother. I […]

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