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No, I’m Not “That Crazy Woman” – But I DO Have PMDD | East Texas Moms Blog

You probably didn’t know, but April is Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) Awareness Month.  You’re probably thinking “eh…what did she say?”  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  I had no idea what it was either – until I was diagnosed with it.  And no, it’s not PMS, and it’s not “crazy woman syndrome.” Let me give you […]

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Momcation: A Beginners Guide | East Texas Moms Blog

Bachelorette parties in Vegas. Couples showers. Gender reveal parties. The babymoon. Go ahead and add MOMCATION to the list of things our mothers didn’t have to aspire to… err, enjoy. Folks, this. This was something I was slow to get on board with. I’ll just out myself right now and tell you that my oldest kid did […]

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Go to Marriage Counseling But Don’t Use a Pastor | East Texas Moms Blog

As our allowed 45 minutes of therapy came to a close, the therapist looked at us and cheerfully said, “Well, you’re not in crisis. This is good. I’ll see you next week!”  My husband and I looked at each other… not in crisis? It almost came across as if we were getting an award…  Things […]

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Chronic, But Not Terminal – Searching For Answers When Your Child Has A Chronic Condition | East Texas Moms Blog

I see posts all the time on social media about kids with cancer and I thank God that my child isn’t one of them.  My heart breaks for those mommas who are daily faced with the reality of a terminal diagnosis.  Even the ones who beat cancer are forever changed in a way that I’m […]

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