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How Can I Be a Good Mom? | East Texas Moms Blog

Naturally I want to be a good mom. I want to be fun and energetic, helping create memories we all enjoy. But throughout the day, I struggle with what a good mom means and wonder if I’m succeeding at all in my quest. I often catch myself thinking a good mom means my kids don’t ever […]

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Home. A Place Where You Can Cry

Three cavities? How does my 6 year old have 3 cavities? I wanted to scream to the dental hygienist handing me a print out of how much this will cost. Living on a cash budget and in the middle of a home remodel, we didn’t have the money right then. It was a year later […]

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What if I don't want to homeschool again-

What if I Don’t Want to Homeschool Again?

“Are you so glad to have all your kids back home and be homeschooling again?” my sweet friend asked as I walked in the office. Immediately I envisioned my other homeschooling friends, the ones with Michelle Duggar’s personality being asked that same question. I imagined them beaming with pride and saying something like, “Oh yes! […]

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3 Ways Marriageis like a3 Legged Race

3 Ways Marriage is Like a 3 Legged Race

Have you ever felt out of sync with your husband? Like you’re running a 3 legged race together, but can’t sequence your feet right? I recently put my kids up to the challenge of a 3 legged race around the house to prove to them it takes time, energy and practice to be on the […]

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