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Things That Matter

A couple of years ago I was going through my usual daily blog feed and ran across this post from Emily Anderson.  I thought the idea was super cute and decided to make our own mailboxes for Valentine’s Day. So, Valentine’s Day our kids woke up to a homemade breakfast (which is regrettably rare on a […]

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Buckner: Spread Joy

I love Christmas. Christmas is without a doubt my favorite time of year. I am the type of person who many of you are annoyed by, because November 1st means Christmas music can officially start. I skip right over Thanksgiving and break out my ugly Christmas sweaters, EggNog lattes, and ornament wreaths. I.Love. Christmas. I […]

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True Life Series: {Hanging On} When Marriage Gets Hard

This is probably the most difficult blog post I’ve written. It’s one I’ve prayed about, over thought, and talked myself out of a few hundred times. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m somewhat comfortable with being real about motherhood when it gets hard, but getting real about marriage…I’ve struggled with…a lot. However, as much […]

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True Life: I Got a Diagnosis

During my last year of college, my mom passed away. During that time, I began suffering from terrible insomnia punctuated with dreams of my mom’s last weeks of life. Then began the feelings of worthlessness, isolation, and lethargy. I was also in the middle of planning a wedding so in all honesty I chalked it […]

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