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Chronic, But Not Terminal – Searching For Answers When Your Child Has A Chronic Condition | East Texas Moms Blog

I see posts all the time on social media about kids with cancer and I thank God that my child isn’t one of them.  My heart breaks for those mommas who are daily faced with the reality of a terminal diagnosis.  Even the ones who beat cancer are forever changed in a way that I’m […]

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I’m An Introvert – And Yes, I Agreed to Host Thanksgiving | East Texas Moms Blog

In my family, Thanksgiving is a big deal. So to host it is an enormous responsibility. When we were kids, Grandmother always hosted Thanksgiving and she made it a masterpiece. Grandmother always cooked everything. She wouldn’t have it any other way. It was as if the Pilgrims themselves had Thanksgiving dinner at Grandmother’s house. So […]

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