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Happy Holidays from a Mama Bear

“Awww He’s so adorable! I have got to get some sweet kisses from those juicy cheeks,” cooed the lady I just met. “GGGrrrrrrrrr!” growled the Mama Bear. “Oh my, he’s so handsome,” squealed the total stranger, ” You want to come home with me? I just love little babies! Come here, I have just got […]

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Breastfeeding Doesn’t Make Your Baby Weight Fall Off…

“Oh you’re going to breastfeed?!?! That weight is going to fall right off!” they said.   After months of breastfeeding the most precious baby who seems to have the appetite of a Kung-Fu Panda warrior, I am perplexed with what these sweet people meant by “fall”. If “fall” means an extremely almost unnoticeable descent from […]

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Operation Free Mommy #babywearing

After getting the okay from my doctor to venture out into the adult world again, I was nervous. Not because I was ill prepared, but because I was so very well prepared. In my possession, I had all of the things that I supposedly needed to make traveling with my baby a breeze. I had […]

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