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Rock Those Mom Jeans!

I proudly purchased my first pair of mom jeans in July of 2015. It was glorious. With reckless abandon, I marched into Costco with my mother-in-law and proceeded to load her cart with pair upon pair of denim containing lycra. At $29 a pop – I couldn’t go wrong! Gone were the days of high-priced skinny jeans with zero give. I was a mom! I was finally allowed to embrace all that was comfy! and stretchy! and high-waisted!

Fast-forward to the summer of 2017 and #twokidsundertwo. It had become so deliriously hot that the only reasonable respite was to pull out fall clothes and will lower temperatures into existence. I quickly realized my plan of rocking last season’s maternity clothes wasn’t a good one. Those full panel pants were just a wee bit saggy in the derrière. Those skinny jeans I used to rock? Well, a vat of coconut oil and shaved legs still didn’t get them past mid-thigh.

.…. enter Chris Hill and PersonallyFit. Folks, let me just tell you – I had worked out with Chris Hill several years ago (before babies were in my life) and it was so great. But that was 5 years ago. When I did paleo meal planning for fun. When I luxuriously meandered to and from yoga (shout out LongviewYoga) with my local-honey-infused-organically-sourced-decaf-green-tea in a glass Mason jar because, hello. Save the Planet, people. BPA KILLS. *eye roll*

Exercise had become difficult for me to add to my daily schedule because it was just more thinking that fell on my shoulders. I’m a stay-at-home mom with #twokidsundertwo and there’s just a lot of meals and snacks and general supervising that goes on. My husband is a pilot. No explanation needed about the do-si-do that is his schedule. Also? Getting to a gym? HA. As much as I would LOVE to spend an hour at the gym, that wasn’t happening.

Paralyzed when it came to thinking through an exercise plan, but willing to put in the work {exercise}, I needed someone to do the thinking for me. My statement to Chris was, “I can follow directions… but I can’t come up with the recipe. Oh and I really can’t go to a gym because #napsarepriority. Also, meal planning? Yeah, see if it’s not available through Walmart Grocery Pick-Up, it’s not happening.”

Chris did just that. He provided the perfect blend of one-on-one coaching in an online format that jump started the path back to my pre-pregnancy{ish} weight*. Meal/nutrition and exercise plans were tailored to my fitness level and lifestyle. No special exercise equipment was needed and I found that with discipline and lowering daily expectations of myself (the house does not have to be immaculate before I take time for myself) I could accomplish a full fitness circuit during my youngest kid’s morning nap. The almost-two-year old could “participate”. I’ll admit that I was skeptical at first. I’d never exercised solo before. The whole fitness coach thing? Uhm, simple math, right? More calories out than in. I kinda laughed at “facebook accountability groups”, but I found that if I was honest with myself (see two paragraphs up) what I was doing wasn’t working and I needed someone to not only give me the plan but to hold my feet to the fire as well. There’s something to be said for accountability and seeking professional help when needed and Chris provided that in the healthiest way. His coaching style is to encourage, educate and equip you for success.

Now – he also has really effective on location classes in Longview, Texas. Those are terrific for those of you who have school-aged kiddos. I’d highly recommend checking those out. For the rest of us, well… we’ll be sweating solo!



*realistic expectations
I’m not 27 anymore. I don’t get 8 hours of sleep a night. Both of those alone would put me back into shopping in single digit sizes, but…. I digress. Also, I have a fabulous midwife who was very intentional about reminding me before and after both my pregnancies that your body changes. There are a healthy amount of inches and pounds that shift around to bring forth and sustain life. There is also time when that becomes an excuse to pour yo’self another Dr. Pepper. or four. Refrain.

*lowered expectations
I ran a half-marathon for my 30th birthday. As a gift to myself. Who was I back then?!?! These days, running a full mile is… character building. As I shared with a friend about my plans to be an old mom that looked young… she chuckled. “Uhm, I love you but we’re both struggling to keep our laundry done… take those lowered expectations and lower them again.” Now, out of context this sounded unsupportive, but what she was saying was this: I wasn’t going to run a marathon for my birthday this year (in 4 short months). I wasn’t going to drop the 30 pounds I wanted to loose in 8 weeks (that I had gained over the course of two years). I tend to get carried away with my goals sometimes, so she was simply helping me not set myself up for disappointment.

But you know what I could accomplish? I could – {and DID!} – lose enough inches to fit into some of those skinny jeans that seemed appealing again. I could {and DID!} have better looking skin, more energy and firmer – although probably still larger – hips, thighs and arms.

So, if you find yourself with a hankering for a New School Year Resolution in August (First Day of School, come quickly we pray!) give me a wink when you’re out rocking those mom jeans!

**Though this content is Sponsored, the experience and opinions are our own.

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