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Excuse me while I PLUCK this out…


For years, I was cruising along being in my 30-something. Enjoying being an adult whose body functioned exactly how it always had. Sometime after my 36th birthday, things began to change. Parts of my body began revolting against the aging process while others partied at my demise!

I am currently enjoying the last year of my 30s. Turning 39 was just about as eventful as turning 34. Not quite a significant milestone. Not quite as young as you used to be. The biggest difference between 34 and 39 are the places and spaces that begin to change. 

Having Buckwheat in a headlock is no longer a pressing concern. Now I find myself  crossing my legs when I sneeze/cough/laugh. Now I’m finding myself plucking hair in the car line…All types of hair. It’s completely offensive and can not be put off for the privacy of my home. The lighting in the car brings out the hair in me. (Please accept this blanket apology for those private moments I don’t think you should have to see.)

Last week I caught a glimpse of my reflection in my locked phone screen and was appalled/amazed at the billy goat scruff I was rocking. My face was celebrating no shave November without my knowledge. This morning I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was amazed at how the belt of my robe served as a shelf for my boobs. Once again, keeping it classy. 

Seems like these abrupt and unexpected body changes are flying in my face at an exponential rate. But I do have encouragement for you if you are 25 or 35. 

Here are 5 things that rock about being almost 40…

1. No one expects me to be hot or in shape. Most likely an “in shape” person has been that way for a while now. There is no need for me to compete with them. They have worked for years and deserve all the pride and confidence they feel. At this point in my life, I’m heading to the gym solely for the hour alone. 

2. I’ve basically got myself figured out. I know that I’m a high functioning introvert that speaks without a filter and has survive years of putting my foot in my mouth. If it’s inappropriate, I have said it at the worst possible time. I have all those embarrassing situations out of the way. 

3. I can handle my alcohol. I know my perfect intake point for consumption. I know when it is one sip too many and the best way to exit when it’s time. This is a fine skill developed over time and near perfection as you near 40. 

4. I’m no longer freaking out about messing the kids up. Odds are pretty good that I probably already have. I’m crazy. Some of that has to be genetic. But the thought of them becoming adults no longer freaks me out. I’m chill with parenting. I’m chill with missed school and missed assignments. Perfection isn’t my jam. Pretty normal is our range. (I just don’t want my kids to be weird.)

5. Dr. Pepper lip smackers is the perfect lip gloss. Cheap. Always available. And it tastes pretty good too. It fits well into the back pocket of jeans when heading to the club in the 90s and now it fits neatly in my cup holder. Versatile and perfect.

So, how are you easing from 30-something to 40-awesome?

(And can you suggest the best tweezers for car grooming??)


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2 Responses to Excuse me while I PLUCK this out…

  1. Momma January 9, 2017 at 10:29 am #

    How blessed I am to spend daily time with you, my wonderful, funny loving daughter! Thank you for your wit, which I am sure you got from your Daddy! And for seeing the fun in everyday life. I love you so and AM beyond delighted to be your Momma!

  2. Sherrie Fincher January 9, 2017 at 4:34 pm #

    FYI Tiffany. Hang on to your britches! At forty you start down a slippery slope you will have little or no control over. Hang on and enjoy!!

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