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Adoption Day! | East Texas Moms Blog

The day FINALLY came!

(Read the beginning of their adoption story here.)

I should have written this post as soon as Adoption Day was complete.  However…life!  So here it is.  Almost six months later. 

There are days it seems Fielder has been in our family forever.  There are times it seems we are just beginning.  This child was most definitely meant to be in our family.  I don’t want to be all mushy and say he “completes us”.  Honestly, I don’t know that we are complete. 

We are still fostering.  And we may or may not adopt again.  We are taking this adoptive family gig one day at a time.  And we are following God’s lead.  Right now we feel no clear answer on adopt, foster, or completion.  So, we keep trucking along.  

But let me tell you about Adoption Day. 

It was amazing!  We did all the things: 

  • We took his picture with his “number of days in foster care” sign. 
  • We all had matching family t-shirts made. 
  • He received a bible with his new name on it. 
  • We took our picture with the judge. 

Big Brother FINALLY received a Big Brother hat.  We were able to finally put our sweet guy’s picture on social media without his face being covered.  We felt that we could finally scream to the world…HERE IS OUR SON!  We prayed.  We cried.  We laughed.  It was absolutely amazing!!!

                                 Our family and friends that came to Adoption Day, as well as the judge.  

                  Our first picture as an official family of four.  Mom, Dad, Dryver and Fielder.  All Cowarts!

Foster Care and Adoption.  We could not have done any of it without the love, support and prayers from our family.  They have been a huge support system for us along the way.  


                               Fielder Thomas Cowart. We are blessed to call him SON!  


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  1. Becca April 19, 2018 at 8:46 am #

    ❤️❤️❤️ this!!! Thank you for all your help and support as we wrap up our own adoption story and begin our new family journey!

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