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I am raising the roof with excitement about this school year finally ending and summer beginning. I am that mama who loves summer fun with late nights and late mornings with my children.

As the last day of school arrived I allowed the kids to sleep in a bit. I even tried to convince them to skip the last day of school and party with mama. Unfortunately, I was not successful. My 4th and 6th graders attended the last day of school and wanted to stay the entire day. What a bummer!

As my son jumped in the car at the end of the day he was relieved. He was excited that 4th grade was over. However, he was most relieved that he was able to let go of the stress of 4th grade and now focus on the 5th grade. Immediately, I tried to encourage him to relax and celebrate his accomplishments and summer. With a concerned and serious voice he said, “No mom. I have it all planned out. Now that 4th grade is over I can now focus on my goals for the 5th grade. I need to get to the library and find some 5th grade math problems to work on so I can hit my goals.”

Here’s the truth, as a mom who has spent countless amounts of money on school supplies, clothes, project materials, band necessities, fundraisers, etc. I don’t want to think about next year. I don’t want to give any energy toward preparation for next school year at this time. However, there are moms who can’t afford to celebrate because they are trying to figure a summer plan for their children that will allow them to save enough money to have put up for next school year. As I compared the reality of my son’s urgency to prepare and the importance of moms starting a savings plan for the next school year, I was prompted to get started with the planning for our 4th annual “Raise A Praise” back to school event.

Raise A Praise is a back to school event where we collect school supplies, backpacks and binders for families in need. The weekend before school starts we serve our community with a free event (music, Christian concert, games, and snacks) and distribute the backpacks and supplies. This will be our 2nd year to have a Denim Drive. We noticed that some families in our town struggle with providing their children with a decent pair of pants. In addition, this year we want to also help families with hygiene products.

So yes I am super pumped for summer. However, as I am raising the roof for the start of summer, my mama heart chose to change from raising the roof to “Raising A Praise” for the opportunity to come along side mama’s like me and take off some of the pressure to prepare and provide our kids with the tools so soon, yet encourage a restful and stress free summer.

If you’d like more information about Raise a Praise, you can send us an email at info{at}easttexasmomsblog{dot}com and we will get you the information you need to be involved!!

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