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I’m An Introvert – And Yes, I Agreed to Host Thanksgiving | East Texas Moms Blog

In my family, Thanksgiving is a big deal. So to host it is an enormous responsibility. When we were kids, Grandmother always hosted Thanksgiving and she made it a masterpiece. Grandmother always cooked everything. She wouldn’t have it any other way. It was as if the Pilgrims themselves had Thanksgiving dinner at Grandmother’s house. So […]

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kids art class studio

Art Class – A Great Option for Kids {Renaissance Southpaw Art Studio}

We all want our kids to find activities to enjoy and excel at, and I have found just the right activity for my middle child!  For the past month, she has been attending a weekly art class taught by Renaissance Southpaw in Lindale. During the first class, my daughter learned about one point perspective drawing.  […]

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Favorite Things Friday

Favorite Things Friday::The Trifecta | East Texas Moms Blog

Yo Yo Yo! …Beth S. here! I’m a late {gasp} thirty-something mom that is new to this rodeo called motherhood. I’d love to tell you that someone had sent me hundred dollar bills or free stuff for days to pimp their goods and services, but sadly they have not. This stuff? These favorite things of […]

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