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Diva Du: A Local Women’s Duathlon

Last year, on April 30th, in the wee hours of the night, 8 separate tornadoes ripped through East Texas, leaving the rest of the region flooded and blasted under a downpour of rain and wind. It also happened to be the day of the first annual women-only event at Kiepersol Estates – the Diva Du. […]

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Lessons learned

“Hey change your attitude!” her text caught me by surprise! I was trying to write and a multitude of distractions pulled, twisted and turned my thoughts! Wait, change my attitude? I’m the wise one, I’m currently writing about correction; how to recognize and humbly accept unsolicited correction. And I stand corrected?! Seriously, as this blog […]

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Packages and Bows

She ties them neatly, those packages and bows….cleaning up smudges, from head to toe. Everyone loves a pretty package and bows, but what if it comes with fingers and toes? What if its full of snips and sails and puppy dog tails? Filled with sugar and spice and everything nice and gets sprinkled and scattered, […]

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Catching Lily

Placing my hand on the infant’s soft, downy head, she knew the gift she was sharing. A baby waiting to be born just resting in the nearness of mom, was indeed a gift like none other. I’ll never forget the day she asked “Will you catch my baby?” As she gently guided my hand, I […]

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Comparisons. So easy to do….but the effects not so easy to undo

In today’s society, there’s no shortage of opportunities, methods, and ways to compare yourself to others. The yardsticks are everywhere, disposing of our joy, our sense of importance, our confidence with every inch on the ruler. And if you’re even slightly competitive, your day may present plenty of opportunities to whisk away that inner peace. […]

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