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What if I don't want to homeschool again-

What if I Don’t Want to Homeschool Again?

“Are you so glad to have all your kids back home and be homeschooling again?” my sweet friend asked as I walked in the office. Immediately I envisioned my other homeschooling friends, the ones with Michelle Duggar’s personality being asked that same question. I imagined them beaming with pride and saying something like, “Oh yes! […]

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Homeschool Group Roundup

“You’re going to homeschool your children??  Aren’t you worried about socialization?!” It’s so cliche it’s funny.  Fortunately, the stereotype of the overly sheltered, anti-social homeschoolers has started to wane. The new stereotypical homeschool kid is interest-driven, sociable with all age groups, and often very comfortable talking with adults and taking on leadership roles within groups.   […]

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