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Christina was born and raised in East Texas with a brief stop-over in West Texas to earn a degree in Interior Design from Abilene Christian University. There, she met and married her husband, Chris, and by the time they graduated, the next member of their family, a daughter, was on the way! They spent a few years in Dallas before deciding that East Texas was where they wanted to raise a family, so they moved to Lindale where they lived for 9 years until last fall when they moved to Mineola. Christina homeschools their 3 daughters, ages 12, 8, and 5, and adores their 1 year old little boy. She is a portrait photographer at Christina Maloney Photography where she says “I love making you look good!” Christina blogs regularly at Martha Martha Blog, a site for women who are trying to do it all and occasionally need a reminder that “only one thing is needed”–Jesus! She loves baking and cooking, family movie nights, Motown music, organizing and learning new things.


Natalie has spent the majority of her life right here in East Texas. She was the first born in a family of girls but somehow wound up as a middle child, which explains how she became a controlling peacemaker! Natalie has been blessed to spend the past 10 years as a (mostly) stay-at-home mom to her sweet and precocious daughter, “B”.  She has worn a myriad of hats over the years including dance instructor, studio owner, CPhT, nursery worker, community volunteer,  and recently served on the board for a local non-profit. Natalie is a non-sleeping, taco eating, bootie wearing, coffee drinking, music loving, Christ following, party planning, business owning,  thirty-something design enthusiast who would love you to follow along with her newest endeavor as The Styled Texan, and on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter @thestyledtexan.


Katherine and her husband, Justin, were both born and raised in Lindale. They were the best of friends in Junior High and High School. They started dating at 16 and married at 20. Right after High School they attended SFA together. After college, they were missionaries in Washington state for a year. When she got a call from her sister saying she was pregnant, she told her husband it was time to move back to Texas. Family is a big deal. She has been a teacher in Lindale for 8 years. After years of infertility they were blessed with a son, Dryver and she stayed home with him for 3 years. He is 9 now and totally awesome! Her husband is also a teacher and he coaches football and tennis. They are big fans of any sport! This month they will officially be opening their home to foster to adopt. They are looking forward to all that God has in store for them!


Born in the Seattle area by two transplanted-from-Texas parents, Meredith has lived in the East Texas area since her Junior High days. This second generation Aggie (whoop!) held several careers in the sciences before the arrival of her daughter Danielle, now 10. Only a few years after returning to the work environment she found herself a single mom hauling around 50+ extra pounds. Deciding then to live life differently, she began running, attending church regularly, and giving the single mom thing all she had! To her surprise, she met a wonderful man named Bill, married, gained a stepdaughter, Allison, and moved to Whitehouse where they currently reside. Now entering her forties, she has become a part time CrossFit coach, cycle instructor, and personal trainer at XTC Fitness and Sports in Tyler. She has also completed several half marathons, one full marathon as well as several CrossFit competitions. Meredith is also now part of the Executive team here at East Texas Moms Blog, where she helps coordinate our guides and sponsorships. When not in the gym, running the trails or networking with other moms, she is hanging out with family, drinking coffee, reading, and watching a movie or two. Meredith is driven every day to encourage others through fitness and empower other moms to engage in community and share their stories. You can read more about Meredith at


Meet Lisa. She has the great privilege of being a wife and momma who stays home to care for her family. All of her life, this is what she wanted to be, even when one of her favorite high school teachers told her that it would be such a waste of her talents. Her daddy was supportive of this goal, but insisted that she could stay at home WITH a college degree. So, she earned her accounting degree and is now married to a great man who loves her and loves that she wants to stay home with their three beautiful children. Find out more about Lisa at My Modern Country .

Katie B.

Katie grew up in Katy, TX and moved to Nacogdoches, TX in 2000 to attend business school at SFA. She met her husband, Preston, while in college and they married in 2005. Katie went to graduate school at SFA as well and earned an MBA. She worked at SFA as the Student Publications Coordinator for several years. Her son, Charlie, was born in 2012 and she decided to stay home with him. Her daughter, Emilie, was born this year, in June, the day after her birthday.  Katie likes to be outdoors, travel with anyone that will go with her, read, write and sometimes sew. She also likes triathlons and is a swimmer at heart. Katie writes about her family and other stories at and blogs about travel adventures at .

Katy P.

Meet Katy Payne. When she was 20, she married an Aggie that grew up in the Amazon jungle. Her and her husband are full-time missionaries and lived for two years on a small island with their then-toddlers. Now she is a SAHM of three living in Lindale. Her husband travels internationally a good bit and she spends most her time being taxi to their 14, 12 and 9 year olds to their bazillion activities. She started a blog, Pieces of the Story, to tell about some of their adventures.
Her favorites: Jesus. Cooking food her family loves. Mother-daughter shopping in either role. Organizing and logistics. Mexican food on rainy days.
Not good with: Crowds and motion in tight spaces. Board games. Pretending of any sort. Ironing or sewing. Plants, animals or any living things other than people. Check out Katy’s blog here .

ETMB-2254-8Laura H.

The second oldest of 10 children & raised on a farm, Laura had learned how to milk a cow, goats, spin wool and change a ton of diapers all by age 13. By then she was always awkwardly tall and all knees and elbows. She enrolled in a Christian modeling program where her love for the fashion industry was born. Over the next 7 years, she would compete in NYC on runways and tv commercials, become a talent scout, and modeling & acting instructor while starting her own photography business as well, after taking 2 classes as a teenager. She met her husband at 17 while working as a waitress and they married just after she came home from NYC at age 19. A few years later, with a brand new baby girl, Laura walked away from the fashion industry and moved back to East Texas with her little family. She currently works full time from home with a thriving network marketing business and runs her photography business while supporting her husband as an EMT and loving her two sweet babies. She is currently in the midst of sleep deprivation, dirty diapers, and more slobbery precious kisses than you can count. She enjoys writing, carbs and chocolate, Netflix at 3am while rocking a baby, DIY decorating, and learning to pray circles around her family and their dreams. Her personal blog, launched on January 11th and she can’t wait to dive into the blogging world headfirst!


Darcie grew up as the only daughter in a house full of boys. She’s been married to Matt for over 13 years. They have 3 children, and they’ve called Tyler their home for over 10 years, while doing ministry together at the Christian organization where he works. Darcie stays home with her kids and owns her own freelance graphic design business on the side. She loves connecting with other moms to talk about parenting, faith, and just the practical side of being a mom.  Darcie also enjoys crafts, building and painting “wood things”, swing dancing, and wearing pajama pants on days when she doesn’t have to leave the house. She writes about all “these stuffs” on her blog.



Alicia is a Longview native and proud wife to the amazing Michael Johnson, Jr. After four months of bedrest and a scary, week-long hospital stay, she and her husband were recently blessed with an adorably handsome son named Michael Lynn Johnson III. He is now four months old!She is graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University where she obtained her Bachelor’s in Radio and Television and her Master’s in Social Work. Alicia has at some points simultaneously served as a Radio Personality, Social Worker (LMSW), Youth Minister, and English Teacher and has enjoyed helping others. However, after the birth of her son, returning to the traditional workforce wasn’t feasible, as she realized she had a new purpose. She was Divinely instructed there was something else she needed to do in addition to raising this beautiful boy. So, with God’s direction and her husband’s push she began to pursue her once hobby and forever passion of writing in hopes of building a career. Her favorite writing style is poetry, however blogging is easily her number two. Currently, her blog produces new content weekly with the goal of inspiring, uplifting, and encouraging others to do and be all that they can. Alicia is a Christian who writes transparently about her struggles and growth in her faith as it pertains to everyday experiences. It is her belief that she was sent here to make God famous and that’s just what she plans to do.


A generalist of much and a master of little, Louellen gets her thrills learning new things. Born and raised in Nacogdoches, TX, Louellen, her husband Tim, and their precious little girls, Isabelle and Rena, now reside in Tyler. They keep it interesting with 2 dogs and 4 city chickens! Louellen left a full time career for part time work to spend more time as “Mom,” and less time as “Hey You,” a move she says she has not once regretted. With the extra time and energy, she takes more trips to the parks and pools, spends more time reading books to her littles, intervenes in more sibling squabbles, and stays a little less behind on laundry and dishes. What precious moments she has to herself, she enjoys reading, exercising, and watching West Wing episodes on repeat. She believes deeply in the freedom found in Christ that permeates every part of who we are and what we do, and desires to see women live in that same freedom.


Up until recently, Tiffany and her family called South Tyler home. When the farm next to her mom went up for sale, she and her handsome husband, Mike, and their two children, Michael (12) and Katelynn (10) decided to take a chance and learn how to live a small town farm life. The move has been an exciting and challenging adventure. You can read more about the family and farm adventures on her blog ( Tiffany works part-time for her family’s business and splits the rest of her time caring for children, chickens, church family, and community. She loves to tell a good story, read a good book, and enjoy a good conversation. Tiffany believes that loving people well at the place your life intersects with theirs, will heal our broken world one moment at a time.


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