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What if I don't want to homeschool again-

What if I Don’t Want to Homeschool Again?

“Are you so glad to have all your kids back home and be homeschooling again?” my sweet friend asked as I walked in the office. Immediately I envisioned my other homeschooling friends, the ones with Michelle Duggar’s personality being asked that same question. I imagined them beaming with pride and saying something like, “Oh yes! […]

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True Life: I Got a Diagnosis

During my last year of college, my mom passed away. During that time, I began suffering from terrible insomnia punctuated with dreams of my mom’s last weeks of life. Then began the feelings of worthlessness, isolation, and lethargy. I was also in the middle of planning a wedding so in all honesty I chalked it […]

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Suicide Awareness and Prevention: Moms on the Frontline

It is the 10th leading cause of death in the nation, but 2nd among ages 10-34. (1) It steals more years of life than any other single cause except heart disease and cancer. (2) And its prevalence seems to be trending upward across the United States.(3) Suicide can impact anyone, of any race, any gender, […]

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Not Necessarily for the Love of the Game

Boys of Fall*Friday Night Lights*The Gridiron*It’s Football Y’all Fall in East Texas means FOOTBALL! We are a football family. Sunday and Monday we are watching NFL games. Tuesday is 7th grade football. Wednesday is intermurals. Thursday is 8th grade football. Friday is varsity football. Saturday is college game day. My husband is not just an […]

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Foodie Friday: Life without Gluten

Favorite Foods in the Hooker House: Pasta Pizza Bread For Real, For Real, it’s our fav and I was always the mom who looked at all families who were Gluten Free and said (out loud), “So glad, that isn’t us. I could NEVER do that.” Well, that’s another story, for another blog post, but in […]

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East Texas Guide to Consultant Run Businesses & Etsy Shops

Disclosure :: There is nothing we love more than supporting the hardworking moms in our community! We are excited to partner with local moms who run businesses for health, beauty, fashion, books, and more.  It Works! is a direct selling company that offers professional quality beauty and wellness products. Beth Bills Monica Moore Raye Light Call/Text 903.931.2051 [...]
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