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Home. A Place Where You Can Cry

Three cavities? How does my 6 year old have 3 cavities? I wanted to scream to the dental hygienist handing me a print out of how much this will cost. Living on a cash budget and in the middle of a home remodel, we didn’t have the money right then. It was a year later […]

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True Life Series: {Hanging On} When Marriage Gets Hard

This is probably the most difficult blog post I’ve written. It’s one I’ve prayed about, over thought, and talked myself out of a few hundred times. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m somewhat comfortable with being real about motherhood when it gets hard, but getting real about marriage…I’ve struggled with…a lot. However, as much […]

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How Toothpaste Changed My Parenting

It was evening. 12 minutes til bedtime. The children had been schooled, socialized, and nourishingly fed.  They were now clean with freshly-brushed teeth.  It was almost time for my reward as a mother, to collapse onto the sofa with the sweets I hide from them and catch up with the drama on my favorite tv show […]

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I’m a Mom. I have Tattoos.

Last weekend I added tattoo number 9. I started with my first back in my early 30s. Every single one of them marks a phase, a love, an event in my life that I wanted to permanently remind myself of or carry that feeling with me. For me it’s not based on seeking attention or […]

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Go MAD, My Son

“Go MAD, Landrum!” I yelled as he slung his backpack onto his broadening shoulders. I will never forget the look as he slightly ducked his head and tossed me a grin that said, “Thanks mom, you’re crazy.” As he made his way into the building, I wonder if he knew I was his biggest fan? […]

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