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Hypertension During Pregnancy

Maternal health during and after pregnancy plays a key role in maternal/child health outcomes. One of the most common complications during pregnancy that can impact both maternal and infant health outcomes is hypertension, high blood pressure. High blood pressure during pregnancy can be life-threatening for Mom and Baby. Complications from high blood pressure during pregnancy […]

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Can I be a mom and a professional too?

I ask myself this question pretty much on a weekly basis.  I’ve had the luxury of being both a stay at-home mom and a mom who works outside the home.  For my family, me working outside the home has worked best for us.  I’ve held a professional level career for the past 12 years, pretty […]

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Foodie Friday: Stuffed Shells!

Ok, mamas…if you are like me, you love good, EASY, comfort foods that you can whip up and look like a rockstar to your family and friends. Right?! I’ve got your back! Here is one of my all-time favorite Italian recipes that will impress and taste fabulous. {Side note: I feel certain I must be part […]

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3 Ways Marriageis like a3 Legged Race

3 Ways Marriage is Like a 3 Legged Race

Have you ever felt out of sync with your husband? Like you’re running a 3 legged race together, but can’t sequence your feet right? I recently put my kids up to the challenge of a 3 legged race around the house to prove to them it takes time, energy and practice to be on the […]

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Hey Mom, What’s Up With All the Stuff?

Over the past few weeks we have been moving into a smaller place, and recently been finishing up the lovely task with emptying an attic full of things. Stuff. In between what seemed like hundreds of trips loading the truck, picking up and putting down boxes and bags of things, contemplating that we are officially […]

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